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A Guide to Planning the Ultimate Unique Elegant Wedding in Chicago

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

At Stan Mansion - Elegance comes easy.

What comes to mind when you think of your wedding day?

Do you picture white, soft linens, lush greenery, and delicate white flowers?

An elegant wedding features these elements and is about extravagance and beauty. If you're the kind of couple who doesn't half-ass anything, then an elegant wedding could be right up your alley.

While the elegant wedding theme is among the top 10 most popular wedding themes, there are many ways to make your celebration unique. Ultimately, there's something about the timeless style that will have you still smiling over your wedding photos decades from your wedding day. However, only a few couples know where to start when planning one.

We love elegant weddings here at Stan Mansion. So, we spoke to some experts on how to plan and execute one in Chicago flawlessly. Here are some important ideas that they believe couples should pay attention to when planning an elegant wedding.

Elegant Wedding Invitations

For our elegant wedding ideas, let's start at the very beginning with your wedding invites.

It's the first way to let your guests know that your wedding celebration will be elegant and unique. Traditional paper invitations are the way to go, but even if you are doing online invites, you can show class with your design.
Elegant wedding invites are often expensive and could include ribbons and lace details. The writing is in cursive, and the couple could also create a wedding logo with their initials. This logo will then feature on other details like their wedding website, cake, and décor, tying everything together beautifully.

A Historic Wedding Venue

The best venue for your elegant wedding in Chicago is a historical venue like Stan Mansion.

Our wedding ceremony and reception spaces will give your celebration that perfect timeless vibe. Our architecture and grounds will also serve as the ideal backdrop to your lovely wedding photos.

Stan Mansion is also famous for its majestic beauty and luxurious grandeur. You and all your wedding guests will feel like royalty at our venue. In fact, many of our couples say that having their wedding at our venue made it a magical experience.

An Elegant Wedding Ceremony

Elegant wedding ceremonies are usually very traditional,

with many wedding rules observed and followed. There is a minister or an officiant, a processional by the bride and her father, and the groom and the groomsmen wait at the altar.

Members of the wedding party at an elegant wedding could include bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls, and page boys. Everyone is elegantly dressed according to the wedding theme and looks distinguished. The after-ceremony exit and activities also follow the traditional wedding code of conduct.

An Elegant Wedding Reception

A typical elegant wedding reception in Chicago takes place in a breathtaking ballroom.

We have just what you need to make this come true here at Stan Mansion. The space must be luxurious and exude sheer luxury to give your elegant wedding that "expensive" atmosphere.
So, aim for a reception venue with chandeliers, draperies, and lush carpeting. Your seating arrangements and décor should also give a sophisticated air. The goal is to have a celebration where no one questions the day's theme.

Choose Stylish Wedding Fashion

An elegant wedding is one with a formal wedding dress code.

From the couple to their honored guests, everyone is usually dressed to the nines and sophisticated. It adds to the distinguished air of the wedding celebration.

So, if you're a bride planning an elegant wedding in Chicago, go for a wedding dress with an understated but stylish design. A long train and a gorgeous veil can also be part of your ensemble. Bridesmaids should also go for classy and elegant designs.
The groomsmen and groomsmen at a wedding should go for a tux or other fine suits. They could also go for bow ties over the usual neckties to add more charm to their fashion. While every couple can put a personal spin on their wedding fashion choices, a timeless ensemble will always win.

Lots of White Florals

Nothing says elegant and timeless like having white flowers at your wedding.

The combination of delicate soft whites with hints of green will keep the style classic, refined, and organic. This is just what your wedding needs to have a romantic atmosphere too.

Popular flowers used for elegant weddings include white lilies and roses. You can also add these crisp white flowers to your bouquet to perfect your stunning bridal style. Elegant weddings also show off extravagance by featuring large floral centerpieces, a flower wall, or hanging floral installations.

Elegant Décor

By now, it is clear that for elegant weddings, the emphasis is on white, clean, and luxurious.

A neutral color palette is what ties this up together. We've already touched on many of the décor aspects by discussing white florals, lighting, and a wedding logo.
Picture large chandeliers, lots of glitz, and glamor with a white backdrop. It's the perfect luxurious look. Some recent elegant weddings also feature metallics in their décor, further promoting the expensive vibe.

Are you interested in something more than just neutral? Well, pops of blue or green could add the perfect touch. The classic color scheme will look very elegant and put together throughout your wedding photos. It can also inspire details like your reception tablescape and even your bridal gowns.


Your elegant wedding catering could be a traditional sit-down dinner with an elegant menu to boot.

The couple could choose between two menu options and could have a strict seating plan. This will help build an air of sophistication at your celebration.
The food itself should be handled by a professional catering company and served by well-dressed waiters/waitresses. A three-course meal followed by dessert will fit in with this style.

You can then have your caterer use local ingredients for a unique but still elegant spin.
At an elegant wedding, the bigger your cake, the better! It is not strange to see couples cutting into an extravagant five-tiered giant decorated in their wedding colors at an elegant wedding. Just make sure to avoid the normal tacky wedding toppers and go for your initials or a wedding logo as your topper.


It's the perfect time to ride in style!

The transportation choice for the couple at an elegant wedding traditionally goes with the elegant theme of the day. So, Bentleys, Chevrolets, and Roll Royce’s are not out of the question. Where you have a large bridal party, the classic limousine is always a win.


Picture a harpist or violin playing as the bride walks down the aisle. It'll give a royal air to your wedding ceremony.

Elegant weddings often have live music because there is something special and atmospheric about it. However, you can have a DJ and some live music for your wedding reception. We've even seen lovely collaborations between the two. While your live music could start the evening, you need the DJ to fill up the dancefloor later when it's time to party.

In conclusion..

An elegant wedding can be beautiful, magical, and timeless

when planned right.

Paying attention to the above details could give you the spark you need to start planning your special day. We hope you have a special and unforgettable event, no matter how you celebrate. Best of luck!

Are you looking for a luxurious and magical venue for your wedding in Chicago, Illinois? Then look no further; Stan Mansion will meet your every expectation. But don't just take our word for it; you can reach out to us, and we'll show you just what we mean. Contact us today!


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