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Upcoming Events

Candlelight Concerts -
Presented by FeverUp


Candlelight concerts bring the magic of a live, multi-sensory musical experience to awe-inspiring locations like never seen before in Chicago. Come to the Stan Mansion and celebrate your favorite artist through a string quartet tribute by candlelight! Artists like Adele, Beyonce, Taylor Swift and more!


Tickets on sale all year long

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Introducing you to yourself -
A spirtual journey

We are living in a world based on doing and having, rather than being. It is easy to forget the authentic you, your wisdom within, and your virtues and talents. The truth about who you really are is that you are needed, you are important, and you already are everything that you are seeking for. Come to this beautiful event to remember just that.
August 20th at 1pm

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House Walk -
Presented by the Logan Square Preservation
This year, the Stan Mansion is very excited to be apart of the Historic Logan Square House Walk! Our event space will be open from 10am to 1pm for your viewing and admiration. Come and learn about the history of our beautiful venue. 
September 9th, 10am-1pm

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