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A Note from our founder...

“My name is Cera Stan, and nothing makes me happier than seeing our clients and their guests fall in love with our space. Originally from Romania, I moved to the US in 1984. As a young girl, I developed a particular interest in art and design but wanted to explore these interests in the real estate market. Working to apply my knowledge, skills, and passion in this new field, I worked to develop my own real estate firm and embrace the idea of transforming spaces creatively.”

“15 years later, I discovered a beautiful, vintage, gray-stone building in the heart of Chicago’s historic district. The former Masonic Temple in Logan Square spoke to me on a deeper level than any other property. As someone who enjoys a challenge, I had a unique vision for what I wanted this space to become. I wanted to restore the original beauty of the space, while making it an open and inviting place that anyone could use as a blank slate for their events. My ultimate goal was to bring that small slice of Chicago’s history back to life – and that’s exactly what we did.”

“When it comes to weddings, I love being part of someone’s most exciting day of their life. Helping my clients create their dream wedding is one of the biggest joys I could ever ask for in life. I listen to my clients, I guide them, and I help to ensure that they feel comfortable, excited, and confident in their ability to create the wedding of their dreams. For us, we’re a family-owned venue, so to have the opportunity to play a role in the start of a new family is something special that I hold dear to me – nothing in the world can ever come close to the satisfaction that something like that brings to me.”

“I think what truly sets Stan Mansion apart is the ability of my staff to not only meet the expectations of our clients, but also exceed them. From the first time our clients contact us, we try to get as involved as our clients allow us to be to ensure that the entire process remains stress-free. Stan Mansion is essentially a blank canvas; we want our clients to become the artists and design their event however they picture it in their mind, and if we can help them to plan it along the way, it’ll always be our biggest pleasure.”

“We truly love what we do and our clients can tell. A wedding is an emotional event from the beginning of the cocktail hour, until the very last note rings out for the final dance. When it comes to our clients and their journey to happiness, they always receive our full attention.”
- Cera Stan

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