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We Have Been Named as One of the 10 Most Gorgeous Venues in Chicago!

Secret Chicago was kind enough to mention us in their list of the most beautiful venues in Chicago!

"If luxurious grandeur is your thing, Stan Mansion will certainly leave your guests in awe. The former Masonic temple in Logan Square is an elegant and opulent landmark steeped in history. Since its restoration in 2014, it has hosted weddings that continuously astonish attendees from the moment they enter the marble-lined lobby. Hidden behind the verdant exterior and deceptive façade lies a collection of unique and ostentatious rooms that will take anybody’s breath away. As one of Chicago’s most intriguing and inspiring historical venues, Stan Mansion promises romance and royalty creating the perfect formula for a memorable day."

Thank you to Secret Chicago! Be sure to click the link to read more: Secret Chicago

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