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The Wedding Suite at Stan Mansion

The Wedding Suite we offer is a beautiful, spacious 2-bedroom 2 bath, apartment located on the third floor of historic William Nowaczewski House, a large Queen Ann three story gray stone, complete with a medieval tower that has direct access to the venue.

This is where you prepare (both physically and mentally) to say "I do" in front of all your family and friends.

It is where you get to relax (as much as one can), get your hair and makeup done, takes some fun pictures and toast to the day's events with your wedding party before walking down the aisle.

It is the ultimate wedding pre-game event, filled with music, laughter, and even a few happy tears.

In preparation for your big day, you want to be sure to stock your wedding suite with everything you or your wedding party might need on the big day.

To help you figure out all the essential items you need to make your wedding day preparations a breeze, we did some research and come up with some advice.

Floor-Length Mirror

Stan Mansion offers a floor-length mirror, and highchairs for your hair and makeup. You want to be able to get a good look at yourself in your wedding gown from front to back and head to toe before making your big debut.

Hanger and ways to display your outfits

Once you get to your wedding suite, your first order of business should be hanging your dress in an open area. At Stan Mansion we have plenty of options including few Mannequin Dress Forms. Clear temporary hooks are not permitted at Stan Mansion.

Light Snacks and Beverages

It is going to be a long day leading up to the ceremony and reception, so keep you and your wedding party fueled with an array of light and healthy food. Stacking the refrigerator with small sandwiches, a veggie spread, granola bars, and natural juices will ensure that everyone eats something before the ceremony. And of course, you cannot forget to drink plenty of water.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to stay hydrated on your wedding day.

Drink lots of water or beverages that are light in color that will not stain; Pellegrino, LaCroix, and if you must, white wine or clear sparkling champagne only.

Yummy food from our favorite restaurant Fulton Market Kitchen can be order in advance.

Dressing Robes

You will want to wait until the very last minute before you walk down the aisle (or your first look) to put on your wedding dress. It is a great idea for you and your wedding party to get ready in dressing robes, so you can snack and get styled without worrying about staining your dresses.

Your robe must tie in the front. Anything you have to pull over your head runs the risk of messing up your hair and makeup.

Steamer/ Emergency Kit

A steamer will be better than an iron. Make sure you will have one ready to use just in case you need to get any wrinkles out of your wedding day attire.

We have seen it all, from ripped pants on the groom to soda stains on the bride’s wedding dress seconds before she is set to walk down the aisle. We are prepared for any and all wedding day disasters with a pre-packed emergency kit. From hair spray, hairpins, a sewing kit, safety pins, deodorant, straight-pins, first-aid essentials, breath mints, masking tape, double-sided tape, to Tide pen and hand sanitizer.

Tears of joy on wedding day are inevitable. We recommend a lint-free tissue that will not leave behind any debris. Keep some in the wedding suite and some in the emergency kit in case you shed a tear during or after your ceremony.


If you do not have a wedding planner, please remember that Stan Mansion offers a day of coordinator who will act as liaison between you and your vendors. She advocates outside the room as you prepare for the ceremony in the wedding suite. It is important to have someone who is not a member of the wedding party or a relative to be the manager of communications between you and all your vendors.

Our Wedding Suite

This 2-bedroom 2 bath fully furnish unit is perfect for you.

You can check in at 10am the day of your wedding and check out at midnight.

The master bedroom is very speciose with an antique desk where you can write a love note for your future spouse.

The living room, dining room, kitchen area is very spacious, and the lighting is perfect for hair and makeup.

After your ceremony, having a glass of Champaine with your wedding party is highly recommended!

Plenty of room for some fun pictures!

Yes, this bathtub is amazing!

Girls having some fun in the master bathroom!

Your extended family is welcome at Stan Mansion!

Your Castel for your Special Day! Stan Mansion, a venue like no other!


Cera Stan

Stan Mansion

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