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The Weather is Frightful, but your Wedding is Delightful!

6 Reasons to Consider an Off-Season Wedding

Every year in Chicago, wedding season is busy. If you’re the outgoing type, before you know it, all of the weekends in the summer and fall are tied up. Those who aren’t careful could end up being committed to more weddings than they can attend.
Now, don’t get us wrong; high season is there for a reason. However, you should consider having an off-season Chicago wedding. Off-season typically spans from December to April and can be a great option, especially on a budget.
Off-season Chicago weddings are about more than just choosing a budget-friendly option. It could also be about availability and finding that time of the year when your theme makes the most sense. Below, we highlight six reasons why couples in Chicago should consider an off-season for this year and the next.

· It’s Discount Season

Choosing the get married during the off-season in Chicago will definitely net you some discounts. So be prepared to save some money in the process. While not all vendors will have off-season rates, they could be flexible with their pricing.
When approaching this subject with your vendor, please note that being courteous and respectful helps. Asking about it in a demanding way might not give you the desired results. Where the vendor is offering a discount, don’t forget to let them know that you are reaching out concerning the deal.
Please note that this doesn’t mean you should create your budget with discounts in mind. Working with actual rates and carrying out other cost-saving activities is probably safer. This way, the off-season rates can be the extra cherry on the cake.
Wedding venues, in particular, offer special rates for off-season. You can check the end of this article for ours. It’s a lovely opportunity to get our majestic and unique space for a fraction of the price.

· Competition is Smaller

If you have your heart set on a few favorite wedding vendors, chances are that other couples also do. This especially applies if that vendor is popular on social media and does really awesome work. You can find out they are booked many years in advance on popular wedding dates.
An off-season wedding gives you a better chance at getting those top vendors for your wedding. The competition is less, and you’ll have the pros you need to make your celebration a success. So, once you’ve picked a few dates that work for you, go ahead and reach out to them for more info.

· All Your Best People Have Free Time

Well mostly! Your loved ones are more apt to have an open calendar during the wedding off-season than for a Saturday wedding in the summer. It might not even be a wedding, causing the scheduling conflict. Family reunions, weekend vacations, and other events might be on their calendar.
All of the above could lead to you having fewer of your loved ones at your celebration than you’d hoped for. An off-season winter wonderland wedding will most likely have everyone in attendance. Even if you have to switch out that ice cream stand for hot cocoa and warm shawls to embrace the season.

· Winter Wonderland

If the weather isn’t a deal breaker for you, how about a winter wonderland wedding? Picture glittering décor, warm sweaters, and the look of ice and snow as a backdrop. It’s the perfect snowy dream to complement your gorgeous wedding fashion.
There are also lots of romantic off-season themes that you can choose for your celebration. Another example is the Christmas theme. You can have a candle-lit wedding reception, breathtaking pictures in the snow, and Christmas décor on your tables. Feel free to even add a special tradition like sharing your first kiss as a couple under the mistletoe to your wedding ceremony.
Another special thing about off-season weddings is that if yours is close to the holiday season, you can take advantage of all that elegant décor. Your décor items will also be easier to source as they are in season. For example, your wedding venue might already have the Christmas décor theme going, so all you need to do is add your own touch to get more bang for your designs.

· Lower Honeymoon Rates

Many hotels and resorts also have off-season discounts for the slow months. This, however, depends on where you’re going for the honeymoon. If they have smaller crowds from December to April, chances are you’ll get a great deal.
Please ensure that you do serious research on how your location is during this time, though. You don’t want to show up and be unable to do anything because the conditions are next to impossible. Some locations could also be in high season while it’s winter in Chicago. When you do find a manageable place, go ahead and search for a package that best suits your style and dreams.

· Our Christmas In July Promo

We love off-season Chicago weddings here at Stan Mansion. They give couples so many opportunities to show off their creativity. Whether you choose to have the winter wonderland theme or the Christmas wedding theme at our venue, your celebration will be magical.
We’re also doing a Christmas in July promo for the off-season this year. What that means is that couples who book with us by the end of July get up to 50% off! We know that getting 50% off your wedding venue budget would go a long way, and we’re so excited to see how our couples apply this.
If you’re interested, please feel free to reach out to us for more information.

· Conclusion

Having an off-season wedding is not everybody’s cup of tea. However, if you’re willing to embrace the magic of winter in Chicago, you can have an unforgettable celebration. It offers some advantages that in-season weddings do not.
With thoughtful planning and the right vendors by your side, your off-season wedding will be a success. You can easily use the savings you get from discounts to improve the quality of the experience for you and your loved ones. So, will you be choosing to have an off-season Chicago wedding?

If your answer is yes, then we’d love to host you! Here at Stan Mansion, throwing beautiful Chicago weddings is our specialty. Our rich historical wedding venue allows couples to create the day of their dreams and host an unforgettable celebration. For more details, contact us today.

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