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Elevate Your Events When You Host Them at Stan Mansion in Chicago

Follow these 6-steps to creating your perfect event:

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“This space has so much detail and historical charm, outside décor was minimal which made it so much easier for us. What an incredible venue, it was truly a dream!!”

– Stephanie B, The Knot

Hosting beautiful Chicago events is one of the things we enjoy doing here at Stan Mansion. Whether holiday parties, corporate events, fundraisers, music concerts, theater performances, or social events. We’ve successfully held these at our venue to the delight of the organizers and guests, just like Stephanie above.
We also love to share tips to set our clients on the right path. A successful event is a result of being armed with the right information and planning. You also need to be at the right location, but Stan Mansion already has you covered on that front.
Do you have an upcoming event and can’t quite decide how to get started? We’d love to help! Here are six planning details that we’ve found that successful events have in common. You can use this to host an event that you and your guests will keep smiling about long after you finish. These tips will work whether you are hosting something corporate or informal.

Set Your Objective

Setting and having a clear objective will make your event easier to plan. It does not have to be elaborate; it could be as easy as wanting a good time. Your objective could also be the main reason for your event, such as networking or even encouraging socialization at work.
Even when having a general objective, a subtle or secondary one can also improve the chances of your event’s success. For example, hosting a wedding is primarily to celebrate the love and joining of the couple. They could also aim for the event to be an opportunity for the family members to meet and share each other’s culture.

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Give Yourself Time

Rushing is of no benefit to anyone in the long run. So, even if you feel you have more than enough time, it is always advisable to start your planning early. Starting late could lead to you making decisions that are detrimental to your Chicago event.
Starting early also opens you up to options when it comes to vendors and services. Your favorites will still be free, and your guests will have enough time to clear their schedules to attend. So don’t only get started with planning; remember to send your save-the-dates out on time, too.

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The Right Space

It would be best to have a good environment and great space for your event. It is key to you and your guests enjoying what you have set up. So, decide what you need for your event and work with a venue that makes meeting those needs easier.
Here at Stan Mansion, we have a dedicated team assigned to make every event that we host a success. You’ll love the architecture of our space and the serene and calm atmosphere. Our space is also quite versatile and can be adapted to meet your every need.

Photo: Valentino Weddings

Time to Mingle

Networking and mingling is a way to make your event memorable and fun. Whether a corporate or informal party, your guests should get a chance to meet each other and make new friends.
Set up a space for people to meet as part of your event. It could be a bar or appetizer table. The goal should be a space where guests can say hi and chat for a bit without crowding each other.

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Choose a Theme

If you’re wondering the difference between this and your objective, themes are more about colors and décor. However, choosing a theme will also make planning your event easier and faster. Your event theme is part of what will inform the atmosphere that guests experience.
Some details that you can use to represent your theme include colors, lighting, and your décor in general. You can also express it in your souvenirs and the kind of entertainment at your event. Once you have your objective in place and have finalized with your venue, choosing a theme is the next step.

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Get your guests excited to attend your event while sharing important details about it, too. Gone are the days of boring corporate emails with the company header and a calendar reminder. You can communicate your event in a way that builds up excitement.
If your event is a corporate one, you’ll have to keep things professional, but at the same time, you can sound like the invite is from friends. This is especially important if you are hosting something not completely work-related, like a charity fundraiser. You want your guests to see that you are putting in good effort and that your event will be worth attending.



Hosting a successful event is a function of your planning and event venue. To plan properly, you need to be armed with the right details and tips to meet your goals. In this article, we’ve listed six such tips that you can apply.
So feel free to reach out to us if you’re planning an event in Chicago. Here at Stan Mansion, we offer valuable services and a versatile space that you can tailor to meet your needs. Our historic and serene environment will also ensure that you and your guests have a wonderful time. Contact us today!
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