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Check Out These Exciting New Wedding Trends For 2022

Gradually, the year is coming to an end, and 2022 beckons. What a year we’ve all had! We’ve been through a lot, but things are and will keep getting better. After a hard year, we’re almost back to normal and are looking forward to 2022. We bet you are too.

Having a wedding that incorporates trends is always fun and memorable. So, if you’re planning your wedding for 2022, it’s best to have an idea of what to expect. To help with that, we’ve spoken to some of our experts. They had some lovely predictions on what is on the horizon when it comes to 2022. Here are the ten top Chicago weddings trends to expect.

· Bridgerton Inspired Ceremonies and Reception

We’ve all seen, and we’re hooked. Who doesn’t love the elegance, romance, and magic that Bridgerton brings to all our lives? It’s no surprise that this wedding-based storyline is going to influence weddings in 2022. Couples will find inspiration from the décor, the fashion, and lots more.

We especially love the historical vibe of this new wedding trend. Stan Mansion, with its rich history and luxurious grandeur, would do justice to this wedding theme. We can’t wait to host beautiful Chicago weddings with the Bridgerton theme at our venue.

· Bold Wedding Florals and Greenery

The flowers couples will be going for in 2022 will represent optimism and empowerment. Bold wedding florals and jewelry will be a means of spreading love and positivity at weddings. We love this idea because we’ll all be needing it after what we’ve just been through.

As a result of this trend, many Chicago weddings will feature bright yellows and fiery oranges in the décor. Their wedding fashion might also feature this color palette, especially for summer weddings

Chicago couples planning a summer wedding will love Stan Mansion and its facilities. You can even use our lavish front garden with vibrant flowers to accent this color palette and theme. The results will be a romantic and royal entrance for you and your valued guests.

· Destination Wedding Themes

Destination weddings are still a distant possibility at the moment. This is primarily true for couples who want a big destination wedding. In its place, we’ll be seeing destination-themed weddings.

This is where couples pattern their wedding to celebrate a particular location using décor, food, and entertainment. Stan Mansion is happy to offer couples three fantastic spaces at our venue for this wedding theme.

We’re like a blank canvass for your wedding. Feel free to be as creative as you need to be for the success of your celebration. We also have fantastic, experienced vendors on our preferred vendors list who can help make your wedding dreams come true.

· Natural Inspired Color Palettes

Alongside those bright and bold wedding florals, we’ll also be seeing earthy tones at most Chicago weddings. They’ll be featured in décor, wedding fashion, and even the wedding stationeries. Natural inspired color palettes are relaxed and beautiful. They’ll also help to create a wonderful atmosphere at weddings.

· Smaller and More Meaningful Wedding Cakes

Gone are the days of cakes that tower over the couple as they do the wedding cake cutting. There is only so much cake you can eat, after all. Couples in 2022 will be going for cakes that smaller and more meaningful. Couples having a bigger wedding can also incorporate this trend by having a small special cake for the cake cutting. Guests can then enjoy other delicious cakes for dessert.

· Statement Wedding Fashion

We’ll be seeing a lot of relaxed weddings in 2022, and one trend we’ll notice is a two-piece wedding dress. They are easier to be yourself and have a great time in. We’ll also see many couples choose to make a statement with their wedding fashion by adding personal details.

· The Guest Experience

We’ve all had some stressful months, so couples will be aiming to give guests a good time at their 2022 celebration. This will show in the décor, catering, and even the activities at their wedding. We’ll see couples have a wedding that incorporates comfortable furniture like sofas and other great ideas.

At Stan Mansion, we’ve seen our lower-level ballroom present couples with a lovely opportunity for this. This versatile space is easy to turn into a venue that fits perfectly with your wedding idea. We’ve seen it successfully host private events, fundraisers, rehearsals, and gorgeous weddings.

· The Second Half of Sequel Weddings

Last year and the early part of this year saw a rise in sequel weddings. This is where couples have a small legal celebration or ceremony and then have a bigger celebration later with loved ones. Who wouldn’t love a chance to celebrate their love twice?

The recent trend involves couples scheduling the second part of their sequel weddings with their anniversary. So, sequel weddings from early this year will be having their second halves coming up in 2022.

· Unusual Entertainment

Couples having Chicago weddings in 2022 will be delighted at a chance to party with their loved ones. So rather than go for run-of-the-mill entertainment, they’ll be going an extra mile. This entertainment will be geared towards creating a memorable experience for them and their guests.

· Vintage Wedding Décor

Vintage wedding décor will be taking over in 2022. So, you can say hello to vintage blacks, romantic reds, and smoky grays. We’ll also see vintage make a play in the wedding fashion. This is most likely influenced by the Bridgerton series as well.

Stan Mansion with its Grand Ballroom is the perfect venue for this trend. Sitting on a former Masonic temple, our venue is your chance to feel like royalty. These are the kind of fabulous weddings we’re known for hosting. You’ll love your wedding here.

· In Conclusion

We’re so excited to see what 2022 will hold for our lovely couples here at Stan Mansion. We’ll make sure that we’re ready and offer fantastic services as always to enable you to have your dream wedding. Will you be incorporating any of these new trends?


Cera Stan and the #dreamteam

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