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A Wonderful Assortment of Articles and Interviews with our Owner and Event Director Cera Stan

If you were interested in learning more about the owner of the Stan Mansion, Cera Stan, then take a few moments and engage with these articles and interviews which will teach you more about the woman behind the Mansion.

The first is a brilliant interview on the TFOCB Podcast.

"When Cera first laid eyes on what everyone, in Logan Square and beyond, has affectionately come to know as Stan Mansion; she knew she’d one day own it. What she didn’t know, at the time, was what she’d do with it. The revelation to host events wouldn’t come until five years after she purchased it. As Cera recalls, it was many years in the making from when she first saw the mansion to when she’d eventually open for business.

'I used to drive around, going to my properties in Palmer and I would say, ‘What a beautiful castle. One day I'm going to live there.’

'I did that for about eight or nine years until one day I saw someone I knew coming out of the house. I went, saw the house, and fell in love. I ended up buying both properties because they would not sell one without the other.'

Given that it has a 1920s, or as she refers to it “ a Great Gatsby look,” it has a strong appeal to couples getting married. Cera admits she can’t help becoming emotionally invested in their special moment.

'I just like the emotional part of it. During the ceremony, I always cry. After that, I say I will never watch a ceremony again, but it’s the bringing of two families together. It's very important.

I like to watch them and see who's doing what; how they interact. I try to visualize their life in the future. It’s kind of cool.'

It’s that energy and love she brings to her clients that has translated into a close connection to the Logan Square community. Though she claims she’s only known around the city because of Stan Mansion, anyone can tell that it’s how she treats others that makes her so memorable."

An Interview With Cera Stan on Voyage Chicago

Here a small snippet of Cera's interview on Voyage Chicago:

Cera, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?

"I am originally from Romania and moved permanently to the US in 1984. As a young girl, I developed an interest in art and design and both studied and practiced the art for several years. When I moved to Chicago my interest in art and design remained strong but for practical considerations, I chose to become involved in real estate and applied all my energy and abilities to this field. It worked. I now run a successful real estate development and management company.

15 years ago I discover a beautiful vintage gray stone building, a former Masonic Temple in the Logan Square Historic District, an area that has remained virtually unchanged for over 100 years. The grandiose building was built in just six months.

Built to house a chapter of the Knights Templar, the building remained a Masonic lodge for a majority of its years until I bought the Temple and took on the maintenance and restoration of the building, including a recent and complete restoration in 2016 that finally returned the building to its original splendor.

The beautiful Ballroom on the second floor will accommodate up to 300 guests for a sit-down event and up to 400 guests for a cocktail event. Adjacent to the Main Ballroom you will find our Bar/Lounge area; this space is masculine yet romantic and the beautiful fireplace will remind you of Versailles palace. A lower-level ballroom located on the 1st floor is the perfect backdrop for your Ceremony or Cocktail Hour.

Stan Mansion has become a highly successful and popular wedding and event venue, where the historic elegance, the large capacity, and many options for customizing events have drawn couples and corporate clients of every kind.

We at Stan Mansion are especially proud of being able to recommend Chicago’s finest vendors to assist you in putting together every aspect of your special event. We welcome your creativity and our experienced consulting staff are here every step of the way to recommend design ideas for your special event."

Be sure to check out the rest of the interview on Voyage Chicago! Thank you to them for the wonderful interview.

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