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6 Versatile Weddings in Chicago

Color Schemes for Every Season

Are you at that stage where you need to choose your

wedding’s color scheme?

Finding out that there are countless options to choose from can have your feeling overwhelmed. To simplify the process, we have curated a list of our favorite color palettes that exude beauty and work seamlessly in any season and venue.

Classic White, Cream, or Ivory

An everlasting and stunning choice, this color scheme effortlessly complements any wedding venue.

You can add touches of gold or silver accents to elevate the elegance. While traditionally associated with spring or summer weddings, many couples now embrace this color palette for their autumnal and winter weddings in Chicago as well.

Burnt Orange, Sand, and Magnolia

This color combination offers a versatile palette suitable for any season.

Burnt orange adds a touch of the classic autumn charm which is warm. While the brighter shades bring vibrancy to summer weddings.

With this palette, you can also enhance your floral arrangements with beige pampas grass for a captivating look. This scheme works exceptionally well for romantic and festival-style weddings. Add coordinating bridesmaid dresses you’ll find that it’ll tie the theme together beautifully.

Peach and Sage

Peach and sage, the flavors of summer

Peach can be a challenging color to work with for your wedding. However, when you pair it with sage, it creates a magical ambiance that is unforgettable. This palette is Ideal for country themed weddings and enhances the rustic aesthetics while adding a refreshing pop of color. Plus, the coolness of sage perfectly complements the brightness of peach. This makes it an excellent choice for spring weddings.

Shades of Pink

Pink is a beloved color for wedding décor, known for its romantic and elegant appeal.

Here are a few delightful combinations to incorporate pink into your color scheme:

1. Pink and Green
Pink and green emerge as a beloved duo among wedding colors, offering a splendid combination that caters to diverse aesthetic preferences. Whether you seek a timeless, vintage-inspired ambiance or a vibrant, contemporary feel, the realm of pink wedding color combinations holds a wealth of possibilities. From the enchanting blend of dusty pink with soothing sage green to the lively fusion of emerald green and striking hot pink, these delightful pairings infuse your special day with an unmistakable charm.

With an extensive array of pink and green shades at your disposal, there exists an ideal selection to suit the unique style of every couple. You could even go for blush pink and sage green. Pink and mint are another lovely option at your disposal in the pink and green palette.

2. Pink and Red
Whether you seek inspiration for attire, confectionery, or embellishments, incorporating pink and red wedding colors will bestow an extraordinary charm upon your momentous occasion.
For the groom, consider adorning a grey wedding suit with a pink or red vest and tie, exuding an air of elegance. The bridesmaids can stand out beautifully amidst the crowd by donning bright pink or gentle pastel shades. When it comes to decorations, the combination of pink and red with complementary tones like white or gold yields captivating visual arrangements.
With pink and red as your guiding hues, your wedding planning ventures into a realm of boundless possibilities. Armed with these concepts, you’ll effortlessly create a picture-perfect ambiance for your romantic celebration.

3. Pink and Blue
The pairing of pink and blue for a wedding creates a breathtaking blend that exudes elegance, beauty, and a touch of enchantment. This sets the stage for a truly memorable celebration. It is a delightful combination that works wonders whether you envision a spring or summer-themed wedding.

This color combo also works for an enchanting indoor affair, or a picturesque outdoor ceremony in Chicago. With a vast range of options available, from delicate and understated pink tones to vibrant and lively shades of blue, you have boundless opportunities to craft a flawless color palette.
Pairings to go with for the pink and blue palette include pink and navy blue, pink and aqua, baby pink and baby blue, then rose gold and blue. They will all elevate your special day to new heights

4. Pink and Yellow
Pink and yellow, when combined, evoke a romantic and gentle ambiance that lends a touch of enchantment to any wedding. Whether your vision entails dressing bridesmaids in graceful blush pink attire or adorning groomsmen in navy blue wedding suits, this color fusion promises to bestow upon your special day an unforgettable allure.
Incorporating these delightful hues into your wedding opens up a myriad of possibilities. Use charming accessories like tablecloths, napkins, the bride's resplendent gown and the groom's dashing suit. There exist abundant avenues to harmoniously blend pink and yellow, resulting in a breathtaking outcome.

The union of these colors creates an ambiance of elegance that will undoubtedly render your day truly exceptional. You can try Bubblegum pink and lemon yellow, or even the classic pink and gold.

5. Pink and Purples
A pink and purple wedding offers an enchanting opportunity to infuse your special day with a romantic and ethereal ambiance. Whether you envision an opulent garden affair or a contemporary and vibrant celebration, the combination of these two colors sets the stage for a perfect wedding palette. From attire choices to delectable cakes, elegant suits to captivating floral arrangements, the possibilities abound when working with this captivating color duo.
The delicate interplay of soft pink and serene lavender establishes a captivating and airy color scheme, evoking a sense of romance throughout your wedding. Pink and purple harmonize flawlessly, particularly during the spring and summertime, when nature blossoms in full splendor. For a garden-inspired aesthetic, consider pairing these hues with gentle, rustic earth tones, creating a captivating backdrop that seamlessly transports you and your guests to the enchanting realms of nature on your momentous day.

6. Other combinations
Other lovely combinations with pink include pink and grey, pink and silver, pink and ivory, pink and cream, pink and mocha, etc.

Grey and Yellow

Elegant and timeless,

grey serves as a versatile color that blends harmoniously with other hues. Introducing a pop of color against a muted shade creates a captivating combination. Yellow, in particular, complements grey beautifully. Opt for a pastel yellow for a subtle touch or a bright lemon yellow for a bolder statement.

Grey and other accent colors

For a sophisticated and flexible color scheme,

consider incorporating grey as a base and using accent colors to create visual interest. Grey pairs well with almost any other color, allowing you to get creative with your choices. Explore combinations that speak to your style and preferences, ensuring a timeless appeal for your wedding.

In conclusion

By selecting one of these versatile color schemes, you can create a cohesive and visually captivating wedding day that suits any venue and season. Let your chosen colors reflect your unique taste and make your celebration truly unforgettable. That way you’ll feel like you are in your happy space whether you use pink, red, cream or grey.
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