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Falling for Fall Weddings and Events
We’re madly in love with Fall at Stan Mansion! From the gorgeous textured gowns to the rich colors of the season, not to mention cozying up with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate (or hot toddy) on a chilly night. Here in Chicago, magical things happen during the fall. Things start to cool down and move a little slower. The sun goes down earlier, creating orangey-pink sunsets that cast beautiful spotlights on the fall leaves. Those yellows, reds and deep purples on the trees are ...
October 12, 2016 in Wedding Trends
Wedding Trends: Naked Cakes with Cacao Sweets & Treats
We see a large variety of cake styles here at the Mansion. A trend we are seeing more and more of (not to mention LOVE) are Naked Cakes.   What is a Naked Cake? Its a cake without all the "foo-foo" or traditional flowers, or fondant. They are simple really, delicious cake, adorned with little to no frosting- and berries or light decoration.  A favorite for us is Cacao Sweets & Treats in Grayslake, Illinois- Cacao is a natural & organic bakery where all of...
April 16, 2016 in Wedding Trends
Vendor Spotlight: Entertaining Company
  If you have never heard of THE Entertaining Company, then its time to listen up. Entertaining Company is the premier catering company in Chicago. Stan Mansion has had the absolute pleasure of working with them on several occasions, so it really was a no brainer when deciding who to focus our very first feature Vendor Spotlight on.  Kenneth Woodward is Entertaining Company's Sales Consultant Extraordinaire. He is often times the face behind all of the fabulousnes...
April 08, 2016 in Vendor Spotlight
Wedding Trends: Ombre' Florals
Ombre' or Sorbet Florals A concentrated cluster of one color lends a graphic impact to centerpieces. Ask your florist to choose three to five different flowers in the same shade — the slight color variations create an ombré effect. For an uber-romantic feel, stick to the opposite ends of the color spectrum — either pale or deeply saturated. to set the table for fun, pick a hyper-vivid neon or a playful sorbet shade. We absolutely LOVE these simple but elegant...
March 20, 2016 in Wedding Trends
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